Thursday, September 18, 2008

Myspace Music - a viable model for the music business?

I didn't really want to write another post about a current event. I wanted to use this blog as a way to communicate my philosophies and values about the music business, but I had to comment about a very new and exciting development that I read about recently. Myspace Music.

The concept of it is really simple. A website that realizes heavily on music that profits from advertising will start using sponsorship from several major companies to create a web space that major labels can use to offer (some) free music to consumers,

This in general is huge, not because I think it'll be really great, although I'm optimistic that the labels will offer more than a few singles to download for free, but because this is the beginning of the ad supported model. My music professors and I have thought the music industry would eventually go down this road, and for one I'm really excited. I want to live in a world where music flows like water, the same way television content is mostly free.

I actually wrote a business plan for an ad supported model as early as 2006, and I'd love to find out what other people think of the concept of free(ish) music. Is this a viable model for the music industry? Is it profitable or foolish? Does it devalue 'ownership' of music?

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captain lizardo said...

Obviously, a new model has to come about. What that model is or how exactly it comes into being...well, I'm as interested as you are. I understand the idea of a band selling a song to a retailer for a commercial, let's say a GAP ad. It seems like the same type of relationship, on a smaller level, could help drive Ad funded "Free Music". Let's just hope all the "Free Music" doesn't suck.