Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Best Music Website Ever! A playable music search Engine!

Sorry about the last post. I do want to write about something extremley positive, though. The greatest music website to ever exsist ever!

Imagine sitting in your office/cubicle and being bored while working. Internet radio is getting stale, and you really, really, really want to listen to "Love Me Dead" by Ludo or "No Handlebars" by Flobots. Bam, enter is a playable music search engine. I'm pretty sure this website violates international copyright law, but it's still pretty cool. Basically, you can stream basically any major song and create playlists, all you need to do is search. It's perfect for curing a musically craving, or listening to songs before you buy them or steal them, or whatever you like to do. I'd be remiss to not promote a great website that got me through 400 internship hours, jamming out to Katy Perry.

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